Press X To Podcast Is Full Of Opinions

You won’t agree with all of them, and that’s perfectly ok. We respect and accept whatever it is you have to say, and hope to use that to refine and improve our opinions too.

Who Are We?

Paul Sullivan
COGconnected Editor/Video Producer and host of the show. Writing about games since 2011, playing them since 1990.

Trevor Houston
Executive Editor at COGconnected. All around good dude who has been in the games industry since you were in diapers.

Shawn Petraschuk
PR dude at Evolve PR and former COGconnected guy.


Everything said on the show is completely and entirely our own opinion. There is absolutely no paid or compelled content here.

COGconnected is a gaming news, reviews, and videos outlet. Shawn works for a PR agency that deals with COGconnected on a daily basis. If we’re talking about something that Evolve PR represents, we’ll prominently mention that fact either in the audio, or the description of the cast.

Press X To Podcast may use affiliate links within the site, but we’ll never hock products to you. If you choose to follow a link from us to an external purchaser and end up buying something, we’ll get a small commission which helps us pay our writers and server costs.

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